23 April, 2008

straight from the earth's own i-pod

we're currently watching the bbc's planet earth, a gorgeously shot, endlessly fascinating show about nature. as flocks of wild birds swoop, so does the symphonic music played by the bbc's own symphony orchestra.

and i think to myself: how cool is that? the bbc has its own goddamn philharmonic orchestra.

and then i got to thinking that if the bbc has its own orchestra, what does fox have? a dude playing the kazoo, when he ain't too busy pickin' his nose or fucking a goat? what about cnn? the ku klux klan barbershop quartet?



Pitur said...

I watched it too.

Anonymous said...

If you notice on 'Planet Earth' everything they show you is "the blankiest blank" as in "this is the world's largest leopard, from the world's largest tropical forest where he sitting atop the tree that produces the world's largest pine cone, which is home to the smallest bettle."