17 April, 2008

solitary swedish monkeys shall cavort

we were working on mr. monkey's resume, hoping for a ticket outta here. we had a little tidbit of important but solitary information and needed a heading for it.

moi: "hey! use Nota Bene! you'll impress the hell out of them with your brilliant knowledge of-"

mr.m: "-SWEDISH!"

the sad truth of our life here is that by half past 8 we were so tired from our long and frootful day of raping the earth and toothal scraping that we were barely able to read. do you know how hard it is to polish a cover letter when you forget what the difference between a noun and a verb is? we fell over each other giggling a lot and then i brushed my teeth and fell into a coma. mr. m had to finish on his own. brave man!

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