23 April, 2008

rock on, baby jebus, rock on

today, as i drove to the recycling depot to drop off the weekly accumulation of cardboard from our office,* i stopped behind a minivan with a flaming skull decal. this was pretty hilarious, cause, sister, no matter what you put up on that window, you're still driving a minivan. but good on ya for trying. rock on!

yesterday was snow day which mister monkey and i celebrated uproariously by finishing our taxes. woohoo! being a grown-up rocks! maybe i'll get myself a flaming skull decal that says "rocker bitch does taxes on time! fucken eh!"

yesterday was also earth day and i truly do not blame the earth for giving us a gigantic meteorological finger. i'd be pretty pissed too, if i were her: "yeah, yeah, earth day. what have you done for me lately, you over-consuming little maggots, huh? FUCK YOU! eat snow, assholes!"

* i am getting pretty goddamn tired of co-workers giving me the thumbs up when i do this, or telling me what a good person** i am. you know what? i am doing this for your idiot children. one of these days, instead of a pat on the back, how about you offer to take it every once in a while?

**i get very nervous when people tell me i am a good person. the last guy to tell me that with any regularity was my crazy ex-boyfriend terry, and he was crazy. in a thoroughly non-metaphoric sort of way. why did i date a non-metaphorically crazy guy you ask? it's a long story of youth, stupidity and "love at first sight," another concept that as a consequence of that particular period of time i find deeply alarming.

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Bart said...

Did you notice that on Earth day the Earth decided to shit ONLY on Alberta? In BC, while it has been cool, we still have flowers blooming, Regina, Toronto, and Montreal had not bad days, the latter two had awesome weather actually. Poor Alberta, like the namesake whorish daughter of Queen Victoria, took it up the poop-shoot.