08 March, 2008

woooooohooo! yet another drunken post!

so, like, sorry for the typos, eh?

we just got back from another one of mister monkey's work "team building" evenings, and when i say "team building" i mean "drinking large quantities of mediocre liquor and eating semi- palatable boston pizza food, all on the boss' corporate credit card." i had a half litre of really vile merlot which i mixed with tonic water and limes to make something resembling a sangria. i will go to great lengths to down free liquor; you can always count on me in that department.

i think it's brilliant to fix a "team building" gathering right on the night of daylight savings time change, so instead of getting up at 4:40, mr. m will have to get up at 3:40, which will feel all the better following a j├Ągermeister shot. do not ask me about his j├Ągermeister thing. i find it incomprehensible. i consume cough syrup only when expressly told to by a certified medical professional, and even then with serious gastrointestinal misgivings. but whatever...

so. was i going somewhere with this? not really. but to maintain the playful spirit of the thing, here's a little exchange from my afternoon of errand-running:

moi: i need to go home before i puke myself to death.

mr. monkey: why? what happened?

moi: everybody at walmart is hideously ugly, and the people at staples are only marginally better. i need to go home and look in the mirror for a long time.

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