11 March, 2008

to all the girls who wash their hair with expensive shampoos

dear girls who wash their hair with expensive shampoos,

why do you wash your hair with expensive shampoos? they's no different from the drugstore crap, except perchance they be smellin' a little nicer*. they make your hair no shinier or more manageable** than the cheap stuff, and those of you with shiny, manageable** hair probably would have the aforementioned even if you washed with pregnant yak urine*** and conditioned with pepto-bismol. in fact, that might be the very reason why my hair is not shiny and manageable.** just wondering.

*guilty as charged of loving aveda scents, but it's because i am a sensitive soul and perfumes make me ill; i can only handle the pure green smells of god's little plants (and the pungent musk of yak urine).

**what the hell does that even mean? hair without ADHD? hair that does not gossip and hands in assignments on time? hair that works well with others?

***proof that the internet rocks. prior to google, had i wanted to learn about yak urine i would have had to get off my ass, go to the library and look. it. up. or turn on discovery channel and hope for the best. but here it is, right at the tips of my sausage-like little fingerlings! and hey, i didn't actually learn anything about yak urine at all! but if YOU want to, i have gone and bent the bough from the yak urine tree of knowledge a little closer to your reach!

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Bart said...

Even better than google is Wiki-Surfing on Wikipedia. Speaking of fun online - www.engrish.com