27 March, 2008

the persistence of ink

did i ever tell you about the time i was away from fort mcmurray and i came back, walked into the bathroom, and there, above the mirror, right where i couldn't help but see it, was scrawled "look out!" it was clearly written in black felt tip, and then painted over with the same mental institution off white that graces all the walls of our "luxury accomodation."*

had this been there before? i found that hard to believe since it was RIGHT THERE yet i could have sworn it hadn't been there when i left for the weekend. was this a case of the creeping felt tip? we'd discoverd this particular scientific phenomenon when we had brilliantly written out measurements on drywall using a sharpie and found that multiple layers of paint would not cover this shit up. ha ha ha, to the new owners of the house.

so what do you think? me, blind? mr monkey, cruel and mysterious? or just another drunk fort mcmurray contractor with no knowledge of the persistence of ink?

*i swear that's what they were calling this place, what with its cheapola counters, its faux wood and faux wrought iron (plastic both) beds and its poorly installed linoleum flooring. it saddens me to think of the person who would find this luxurious. and please, do not tell me about all the hut-dwellers of the world, because i don't mean them.

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