07 March, 2008

oh i do miss me them tasty organ meats

which is totally untrue.

how love works at our house:

mr. monkey: oooh, i think club monaco* has that hat that i want on sale** by now!

moi: don't you think you have enough hats? and all you ever wear is that funny looking one!

mr. m: don't diss my favourite hat, woman!

moi: it looks like a fucking bucket!

mr. m: YOU look like a fucking bucket!!!

* i have created a monster who likes to shop at quality establishments. when we started out he wore the t-shirts that you got at superstore when you spent over $200 in groceries.

**but like a good monster he carries his master's torch for good quality merchandise AT A REASONABLE PRICE.

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Anonymous said...

I can actually picture Mr. M saying this to you...