06 March, 2008

brought to you by mister tubesteak and other organ meats

it's my birthday and despite the fact that i am (i think*) at peace with my age, i am feeling rather down. i got a home-made carrot cake at work. my coworkers were particularly non-bitchy. my facebook wall was full to the brim with wellwishers' notes and everything seems hunky dory. so why do i feel like crap?

i am sitting on the couch, surfing, polishing off the last piece of carrot cake, and all i want to do is watch a couple episodes of battlestar galactica (yes, we're hooked, ladies and gentlemen, though i really really really want gaius to die already), drink a glass of wine, and then go to sleep. i've been nothing but exhausted lately.

must be old age...

*i hate all that subconscious crap - i mean if i am NOT at peace with my age i would like my subconscious to have the decency to let me know so i can act accordingly, and not wonder why i feel crappy when i really don't feel like i should feel crappy, you follow? no? s'ok. i got lost too. somewhere around the first line.

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