07 February, 2008

"the trophy can now be in your pants"

why is it that ALL my spam is trying to make my penis larger? good god, do they not realise that had i actually a penis i would have long ago succumbed to the seduction of their very intelligent, literary and highly stylish marketing campaign and gotten myself a MEGADIK?

what happened to african bankers trying to set me up with an offshore account full of millions? i hear about this all the time and, damnit, i want in!

what about "authentik" designer watches?

i am certain there must be more to spam than larger privates, but if there is, i ain't seen hide nor hair of it and frankly i am a little upset.

tell me, men, is your mailbox cluttered with ads for feminine hygiene products and nipple cream?


the polish chick said...

shit. i forgot: men have nipples too.

pitur said...

I get ads for pre-approved mortgages.

the polish chick said...

so, pitur, what is it about your penis that gets all the respect while i constantly get told how deficient mine is? huh?