25 February, 2008

several unrelated but not entirely uninteresting facts and factoids

1. i miss new orleans lately. that place sure gets under your skin. the crawfish might have something to do with it - anybody got a pound or two to spare?

2. did you know that mr. m routinely swipes cutlery or glassware or napkins from airplanes? not in large quantities but we have over the years amassed a bit of a collection. and you wonder why the prices keep going up...me, on the other hand? my nerves are far too fragile to contemplate anything like that. theft is not in my nature, last thing i stole were 2 crayons in kindergarten (a lovely brown and a fleshtone, i still remember their allure, they practically begged me to take them home and have my way with them). i have no recollection of the consequences, so they must have been dire.

3. we're going to vancouver tomorrow, to where they have actual leaves and flowers and green and growing things. we're getting the condo ready for our old folk renters. i hope it isn't true what they say about octogenarians, what with their loud and drunken ways, tossing beer bottles from the balcony, spraypainting the hallways, harassing the other tenants...

4. while in vancouver, we shall eat many yummy things. i contemplated for a moment actually going into the cupcakeria and purchasing an actual cupcake and then actually eating it, but i fear that the cupcake reality will be nothing like the cupcake fantasy and my hopes and dreams will be shattered. better not. better keep the cupcakes in the fantasy realm.

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Teena said...

Ha! I told you NOLA gets in your blood! When you coming to visit again?