06 February, 2008

my delete button is sticky

which is true, but irrelevant.

i think that the failure of north american culture can be summed up in one word: "doorknob"

why doorknobs, when handles work so much better? anyone who has ever attempted to enter or exit shortly after placing lotion on their hands knows how futile the exercise is. i assume that the same applies to the arthritic, the ill, and the merely uncoordinated.

in the meantime, the door handle can be handled. easily. by everyone.

join me next week, when i look with withering disdain at the flat sheet, in opposition to the duvet cover. hint: statistical probability of asphixiation will be discussed in detail, featuring full colour graphs and personal anecdotes.

good god. i'm only kidding.

not about the doorknob, though. about the graphs. everyone knows i don't know a thing about graphs!


the Dude said...

You're missing the most spectacular use of the word doorknob, as in "Mike, you fuckin' doorknob. Why'd you do it?"

Try it, you'll like it. As in "Kuba, you fuckin' doorknob. Why'd you do it?"

the polish chick said...

i will agree. it is good for that. however it sucks at opening doors.