20 February, 2008

microbiology for morons

i've been watching the lord of the rings trilogy extended edition again. it's a self-comforting thing, like rocking or head banging for autistic children. except using a remote control and orcs.

it's odd watching a movie so much that all you suddenly start to see is continuity errors (mostly featuring eowyn's hair). i no longer see the film for what it is but for what our comments have made it ("he needs elvis medicine" - godfrey, "i choo choo choose a mortal life" - me).

still, i enjoy it. each and every time. there is something about a dirty uncombed man on a dirty uncombed horse that appeals to me. clean him up and make him king and i'm all whatever. except for the elf, of course.

oh. and the test results for my spastic heart came back and apparently i will live. it will not be much of a life, but i will live. no medication required. possibly ease off the caffeinated drinks, and relax the fuck up (not my doctor's exact words).

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were dying? Well, no longer, I guess...