12 February, 2008

the heart is a bloody organ

it's that time of the year again when a young man's terrified gaze turns to the jewellery store, and a young woman digs out her red-feather-trimmed nylon peignoir - that's right, it's coming up valentine's day. a day where marketing again trumps common sense, a day where countless couples stand in line to their favourite restaurant in order to have a Romantic Evening, whether they feel like it or not.

frankly, all this nauseates me, as do the endless starry eyed questions "what did you do for valentine's day?"

once, just once, i shall answer that we had a blow out fight, verbally pummeled the crap out of each other and then retired to our separate bedrooms each with a box of crackers, a jar of velveeta and a bottle of russian prince vodka. satisfied?

i know you will call me the grinch because my attitude is similar towards christmas (well, the marketing/consumer aspect of christmas to be precise) but i find it an insult to my intelligence to be told exactly when and how i am to celebrate my love for my man.

we have romantic moments here and there. we go out to quiet dinners every once in a while. and he buys me flowers for no reason whatsoever just when i start to think he has given up the practice. but to force him to fight the crowds for the obligatory (and oh so bloody boring) dozen red rozes, or to receive a heart-shaped box of stale chocolates? YAWN.

you see them all the time - these wild-eyed guys running into the drugstore on their way home from work, desperately scanning the shelves for something that will give her the illusion of a thoughtful choice, grabbing the second last heart-shaped box (is that dora the explorer on the front?), running off to the till, and, oh look! they have roses! slightly wilted and definitely overpackaged, but it's $4.99 and the trip is done! now THAT'S love.

so if you love valentine's day (and i know at least a couple of you who do), go ahead, celebrate to your heart's content! but it should be a choice, not mandated from above, "because the tv told me so."

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pitur said...

I so fuckin second that.