23 February, 2008

do NOT tell me that online dictionaries prove me wrong

to our american neighbours - i was feeding my addiction to home decorating shows recently and was so traumatized by something that i decided to speak out.

"foyer" does not rhyme with "lawyer," ok? the "r" is silent. it is not an english word, it is a french word. it is either pronounced "foh-yay" (or a variation of this, like "fwa-yay" etc. ) or not at all.

hey, don't be sad. look at all the other great words you could use and actually pronounce correctly! words like "hallway" or "entryway" or "lobby." so how about it, huh?

or is this some kind of vengeance against all things french, like freedom fries?

anyhow, i'm not the only one who agonizes over this. ha! i'm vindicated (albeit by a group of similarly minded glossophiles and like nerdish creatures)

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