21 January, 2008

ten to one, she's gonna blow

you know what i hate? the little tiny black tails on peppers. i have no reason, no reasonable one anyhow, i just will not eat a pepper with the little teeny tiny black tail attached. i am sure they have no taste at all. i am certain they are not poisonous. i am secure in the knowledge that, unlike the black squigglies in prawns, they are not full of shit. and yet i can't stand them. when i cut up a pepper for any number of reasons (most of them culinary, some religious, one or two sexual) i will dig and dig until i dig the little black tail out.

they used to say that the test of a psychopath was whether they looked at their bowel movement results. they had to ditch that particular test because the majority of the human race failed it with flying colours. i think the new test should be an obsessive concern with teeny tiny little black tails on peppers.

if you don't know what the hell i'm talking about YOU AREN'T LOOKING CLOSELY ENOUGH!!!


pitur said...

I do. I always cut them out too, but I have never, ever been that anal about it.

the fabulous agulinda said...

then again, have you ever been anal about anything?

the fabulous agulinda said...

on second thought - if you always cut them out, how is that NOT being anal? huh? because you perform the operation in a nice relaxed fashion? hell, so do i. it's not like i run screaming at the pepper with a machete in hand. (except maybe sometimes.)