14 January, 2008

plumbing the depths of despair requires a very long plumber's snake

i am seriously tired of world news. if people feel a deep seated need to hack each other to death with machetes or blow themselves up with explosives strapped to their bodies, who am i to argue? officially, i no longer give a longsuffering fuck. as long as someone notifies me if there is a nuclear missile headed in my general direction, i really don't feel the need to know what else is going on. shall we take it on faith that we are a bloodthirsty cruel bunch of fucks and be done talking about it?

palestine and israel? whatever! kenya? feh! darfur? huh?

do i really need detailed news of distant pain and suffering when there is so much visibly close at hand? if we're going to shop domestic and eat domestic, how about a domestic news diet? then again, this would result in higher than healthy levels of stephen harper. no news, then! they always say that's GOOD news!

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Pitur said...

I totally agree. This is the reason I stopped listening to NPR - just too damn depressing. This congressman molested some teenage boys, that pastor fucked a tranny, this blew up, the president did another idiotic thing... Bleah.