26 January, 2008

knee deep in noodles

it's after midnight and i am doing some light housekeeping on my blog (check out the new picture: if you get past the nose, there are some cupcakes in the background - on every visit to vancouver i walk by the cupcake shop on denman and wa-wa-wa-want one, but my health conscious self vetoes that pronto. of course my health conscious self has no problem at all with a lemon meringue pie from capers, 'cause it's ORGANIC!) and i've found that the post that got the most responses was my "god is dead" post. so, i want some midnight action, some blogular interaction, therefore i'm tossing it out into ether again:

i've become very comfortable with the idea of god not existing, to the point of starting to see all religion as not only silly but positively medieval. i mean, come on! we're all rational thinking beings (well, a couple percent of us are, anyhow), what are we doing sitting in a big drafty room, chanting monotonously at a guy in a dress, who's drinking on stage? does that not sound like the worst rock concert ever? and then all the pictures of all the miserable blond people, bleeding from various bits all over the place? and did i mention the sheep? enough with the sheep already! we laugh at kids for believeing in santa claus, and what is god if not another bearded feller who does not exist? peace on earth? only when we grow up and accept the responsibility.

i'm opening the floor up for comments.

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jools said...

Whatever gets one through the night is all right, all right.... and I watched a lovely movie last night called "Gambling, God, and LSD".