10 October, 2007

ways in which highschool failed me

i spent grade 9 in a cliquey junior high, riddled with cute boys with attitudes, rich girls with daddy's cash, and serious hierarchy issues. then, lucky for my self esteem, not so lucky for my grasp of reality, i went on to highschool.

highschool made me think that most people were intelligent, or if not intelligent, at least interesting.

it made me think that most people think. that most people have ideas of their own and, even if these ideas aren't particularly interesting or revolutionary, at least they are off the beaten path, different drummer etc.

then the real world happened. now you might say it is uncharitable to say that the majority of the human race is stupid, but it happens to be true.

i once worked with a lovely woman who, having (presumably) finished highschool in this country, had no idea who darwin was. she said she might have heard of evolution but wouldn't bet her life savings on it.

i worked with some lovely people who sneered at the mozart being played on ckua and asked, i kid you not, what is this shit? not wagner, mind you. not avro part. mozart. you know, the melodic white zinfandel of wine. the musical mozzarella of italian cheeses. mozart.

i am routinely confronted with (allegedly) english speaking people who say things like "it do" and "i has" and for all intents and purposes are not idiots.

i surround myself with my friends, my family, i attempt to live in denial, to maintain the fiction that highchool implanted in my cerebellum - that i am a thinking person who makes her own way in the universe, who chooses how her money is spent, who decides to buy the more expensive enviromentally friendly lightbulb, who decides to drive a little car, a person whose friends and family for the most part second her choices. and then i make a grave strategic error and enter the workforce, the mall, the frightening world of the media.

highschool made a fool out of me.


Anonymous said...

Luckily your husband and ME went to a high school that did not leave us so perplexed.

Joan said...

That is why people should be forced to go to school in different provinces for different grades. You'd realize like I did that cliques are stupid and only give insecure people a false feeling of belonging, and that people ARE stupid - coast to coast!

Anthony said...

Yes, your fabulous school misled you. If you were lucky enough to go to a "regular" high school you would have realised it's a lot like life after high school but with more sex and better clothes.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's just that old people suck. we get all crotchety.