25 October, 2007

terror in the kitchen, terror in the bath, terror all over the damn house

the moon is full tonight, or relatively close to it, and my reaction is to get depressed, antsy and picky...er, pickiER than usual. i seem to be seeing more hummer-driving dicks, i seem to be feeling more than typically overwhelmed by the thoughtlessness of the human race, and i see mister monkey a million miles away.

yeah. boo freakin' hoo. it is the super shiny privilege of a middle class DINK in the first world to suffer existential angst. most of the rest of the world is too busy scrounging for food. perspective? i gots it. i just forgets sometimes.

i think tonight will be a night that i curl up in my ultra-fabulously comfortable bed and think warm and mellow thoughts about my favourite spacewhip captain.* good night and don't let the werewolves bite.

* if you have to ask who i mean, you are sooo out of my club

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