08 October, 2007

tender is the knight

just arrived back in oil town after a weekend in the city. the weekend was slow except for sunday when i raked and bagged sixteen bags of leaves. this is a spectacular number for someone whose yard is roughly the size of a smallish area rug and has no trees. my back hurts, my ass hurts, my thighs hurt. i keep telling myself they hurt in a good way, but i don't think i'm buying it.

as soon as i got in, i started to clean up after the monkey man, whose idea of emptying the dishwasher is to transfer its entire contents into the dish rack in the sink. also, for an engimeneer, it is disconcerting how few dishes he can actually fit into the dishwasher. as soon as i opened it up and saw it was filled to the brim with roughly two cups, a plate and three spoons, my natural packer instinct kicked in, i swiftly rearranged the contents and now we're good for another week or so. want your dishwasher rearranged more ergonomically? i'm your girl.

i think i deserve a glass of wine. what do you think?

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