04 October, 2007

squid pro quo

as much as i love my brain sometimes (especially after a particularly wonky dream*) it also annoys the crap out of me. like now. i am planning to go to edmonton for the weekend but tonight the thought of driving all that way for what will most certainly end up being an expenditure driven three days, makes me exhausted. i am sure i will not undertake any of the projects i should undertake, and i am just as certain that i will spend money to drink european chocolat and gnaw brioche at the pomegranate, to drink wine and eat spectacular pizza at cafe leva, and to buy any number of unnecessary items at the farmers' market and/or the shops of whyte avenue. instead, i could stay here, watch movies, read books, watch the couch become permanently fused to my ass, and cook sweet meals for the monkey man.

so what's the problem, you say? i can't make up my damn mind. yes, i'll go. it'll be fun. no, i won't. it'll be exhausting. yes, i'll go. it's cousin's birthday dinner. no, i won't. i'll buy him dinner the following weekend. yes, i'll go. i'll do some unpacking. no, i won't. i don't want to sleep in creepy old house alone. and on and on and on it goes, the fabulous merry-go-round of indicisiveness.

i think i'll have to pull my usual stunt and simply sleep on it and see what brain says tomorrow.

*ok, so i'm in this hilly birch forest, canoeing. it's a slim wooden snow canoe** and it takes every ounce of my concentration to maintain my balance - sort of a lumberjack meets trapese artist. and i know that somewhere else in this forest is nathan fillion, paddling his own skinny wooden canoe and i must find him. except that, oops! look! i left the car in the parking lot, doors wide open, key on the front seat! and the park authorities have left me a ticket! a huge ticket handwritten on posterboard that fills the entire back seat. and this ticket says, in ungainly block letters, that i must promise not to park here again with my doors open, on account of it taking up extra parking spaces and all. and this is just a warning. and then i wake up.

**oh hell, i don't know what a "snow canoe" is either. my brain made it up. apparently it is a long narrow wooden vessel that you paddle while standing upright (not easy!), as it glides through narrow paths between the trees. and nathan fillion has one too. that's all i can say. also: just say no to drugs! say yes to crazy brain instead.


Anonymous said...

Could the canoe be a metaphor for Fillion's Um...part? Then again, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Piotr said...

go to your cousin's dinner, have a beer for me...

aga, a large slavic woman said...

if it is indeed a metaphor for his bits, they are loooong and skinny and very hard to balance on. and that's as far as i can take that metaphor, which is indeed already farther than i ought to have.