31 October, 2007

Don't get upset with your small penis anymore

from my spam folder:

Do you feel discontent whenever you recollect the dimensions of your phallus?
Forget about your problems!
Now you are obtaining a great occasion to improve your phallus, so that no girl in the world could resist you.
Your dreams of long hard Dik will come true with MegaDick!

good god. why do i even bother blogging when i can just copy and paste these linguistic and thematic gems? but yes, i do feel discontent whenever i realise i actually have no phallus and cannot pee standing up. damn.

as far as everyone can see, your dick needs some serious improvement
which makes me ask: who's looking at my dick, yo?

and then:
never have bad sex again when your cock is enlarged by 3 inches
because as evey woman knows, it's ALL about size. am i right ladies? now come on down and i can obtain for you a great occasion for some seriously improved megadick sex.


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