22 September, 2007

who dese peoples?

dese people (in pictures that follow, duh!) are the most wonderfullest people who will open their home in new orleans to us in november. we will drink a lot, play asshole, and i shall swear at phil and he shall swear at me, and it will be deemed a good and wholesome waste of time.

why here? why now? well, i was looking back through my photo albums which are plentiful and varied, trying to ascertain (great word, that!) when i last looked like a woman and not this androgynous hypernasal person you see today. a little identity crisis if you will.

when i chopped my hair off i started getting all these superlatives tossed my way, making me worry that i looked like shit before and had not noticed (see previous post, you can look it up yourself, or check your notes*) and while i remember enjoying my short hair before, this time, every time i look in the mirror i see a large nose and a so-so girl with boyish hair and not much sex appeal. and yes, yes, i know, you're gonna say what about the tool rental guy at home depot? to which i'll answer: give. me. a. break. he was like waaaaay too short, ok? and the point here is not to have an army of drooling males following in my footsteps à la penélope cruz in "woman on top"** but to like what i see in the mirror, and lately? not so much.

short story long - looking through pictures, i found the memorable card night at phil and teena's where i kept messing up phil and we kept affectionately calling each other really really really bad names which i will not write here in case my mom somehow circumnavigated all the booby traps i have placed in the way and found this blog (she gave me shit today for [rightly] calling their ford focus a piece of shit - i mean, who buys a ford? for god's sake! i have to lie to people when they ask me*** what my parents drive. i say a lada, or a souped up skoda, or a shopping cart with an outboard motor attached, anything.) and so it goes.

do you like my hair really short? medium length? long flowing locks? don't give a shit, think i am hot in any way, shape or form? wish i'd drop dead already but for some reason can't stop reading? tell me.

*snurf! guffaw! riiiiiight...

**i really really liked this movie. it's unfortunate that many people don't get magical realism so it flopped. still - voluptuous penny, cute men, gorgeous music, beautiful locations, food - my idea of cinematic heaven. you can take your [insert name of famous current star here****] vehicles and drive them off a cliff.

***yeah. nobody ever asks, actually.

****i am so very out of it. you have no idea.

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