23 September, 2007

say my name, bitch!

you might have noted that i just changed my name.

the reason? when i set up this blog it was a sperm of the moment decision that forced me to think up a name on the spot and really, my two cents (canadian or otherwise) has got to be the lamest-ass blog name out there. not to mention that there are about a gazillion other people who have the same moniker. and if you know me, you know i don't want to be like everyone else: i want to be better - skinnier, prettier, smarter, richer, louder, more mysterious, smoother, fruitier, fresher-tasting, more manageable, new and improved, featuring a new easy-to-pour spout, lightly fragranced with the natural essence of elderberries...you get the idea.

why kippered snacks, you ask? well, hell, why not? it has a nice ring to it, plus, who doesn't like kippered snacks?

but it's still me: food loving professional gum gardener with a slight ex drinking problem, anger issues, splitting my life between oil-slick, earth-raping northern alberta wastelands and my beloved city of edmonton; dreaming of a future in vancouver; hating poor grammar, poor oral hygiene, mental and moral laziness, gas-guzzling automobiles and brainless consumption; loving curry, my peeps, red wine, mister monkey and green and growing things, not to mention puppy dogs and fluffy bunnies and shit.


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