12 September, 2007

maggots, maggots for everyone!

what i need is a little recording device because as i do my weekly drive to and from civilisation, my mind teems with brilliant ideas, edgy aphorisms, philosophical insights, sharp witticisms and pointed political critique. alas, when faced with the mindnumbing emptiness of my "new post" pad, i am left with semi-literate, semi-coherent, not particularly interesting blather.

oh, that you could hear my brain hold forth on a broad range of topics, you too would be a convert to my theory that i am very very intelligent and the only reason i never made anything at all of my life* is that my splendid intelligence is dwarfed only by my overwhelming laziness.

*sorry, but i can hardly call what i do for a living a career. slurping up saliva day in and day out is not rocket science, and while the actual clean-up requires some fine motor skills, i have met many dental cleaning ladies who read danielle steele with frightening regularity and that's all i need to say for you to be able to gauge their sad sad intellectual state.**

**yes, i am a snob. didn't i already tell you that? jesus!

1 comment:

Anthony said...

I just had a flashback to Michael Keaton in "Night Shift". I really think you should get a mini-recorder and use it whenever a brilliant thought enters your mind - at work, in the car, at the store, and especially when you are sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop with drool at the corner of your mouth.