26 September, 2007

like pastry chefs on heroin

i have developed a twitch in my right eye. if we hang out and i'm winking at you, chances are i'm not winking at you. i'm twitching. why are you making me twitch?

i just met fort mac's only unstressed individual. also, he is deadly afraid of the dentist. but he's not stressed. he asked me why he might be grinding his teeth and i told him that the general reason tends to me stress (hey! look at me!) and he was all shocked and said, almost offended-like, "but i'm NOT stressed!" shit. and he still grinds. while the uselessness of his grinding is almost wasteful (at least i do it to DEstress), i'd much rather be in his shoes - grinding just for the pure unadulterated pleasure of it.

i also had a guy in my chair who had as many teeth as he had fingers, and there wasn't a baker's dozen to be had among the two. he's a sheet metal worker, so i sort of get the fingerlessness (correction, i guess he's a bad sheet metal worker*) but why the alarming toothlessness? does one use teeth in the general processes of sheet metal work? i want to know. i want to be the sort of well rounded individual who knows all about the uses of the human dentition in sheet metal work.

*yeah. like i have a right to scoff, all missing a hefty chunk of my left thumb and all.

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