06 September, 2007

in which i consider possible career changes

sorry, more about teeth.

the problem, you see, is that i can no longer bring myself to give a shit. yeah, so every 9 months for the last 15 years you have been told to brush all surfaces of your teeth. the front ones. the back ones. the side ones. the top ones. the bottom ones. when i mention this to you, you feign surprise, shock and wonder, as though my comments are of an unprecedented and revolutionary nature: WHAT?! brush ALL surfaces of ALL my teeth? what a novel concept which i shall consider, and why oh why has no one told me this before?!!

at this point, i don't care. you wanna carry emergency rations of chicken salad sandwiches packed between your molars? go nuts! wear yourself out. this girl no longer cares.

so, any ideas for flexible, well-paid, interesting, non-blood-related work? just in case, though: i don't work unpaid overtime. i don't consider my life an optional side-dish to the main course of a career. and i don't do windows.


Anthony said...

Uh, hey girl, did you ever think you should take advantage of that Honours English degree? It has to be more rewarding.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, become the fucking novelist now that you'll otherwise become later. Yor writin iz gud. Start with a premise, massage it into a short story and fill in the white space between paragraphs...vulva! a Novel!

aga, a large slavic woman said...

i am not a novelist wanna be. my natural format is the essay because (surprise, surprise) it is the perfect podium for OPINIONS of which i have many.

still, thanks for the vote of confidence. (joan?)