21 September, 2007

hopelessly devoted to glue or (lame) attempts at (not particularly) late night humour while (slightly) drunk and (largely) tired

today was a day of general fridayish brainlessness. a day of multiple inabilities to complete sentences. a day of calling ron don (he retaliated by asking if i was from holland). a day of telling a co-worker that what worked for my migraines was excedrin with cocaine. a day of picking wine randomly (yet successfully*). a day of wandering aimlessly through superstore completely at a loss of why i was there (to pick up wine). a day that has ended with a second glass of chilean merlot, a handful of hazelnuts and stars on the stereo. a calm night. a quiet night.

good night.

*i find it both heart-warming and disturbing that my alcohol-finding abilities are somehow separate from my other brain functions, and when these are suspended, the automatic pilot kicks in and a nice chilean merlot somehow finds its way into my basket on a day when i have trouble remembering my name.

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