27 September, 2007

buff up your dirigible, irma, we're goin' for a ride!

home now. new home. smellier. murky. uncertain. oddness of fridge in dining room.

but hey, some good points: fridge in dining room, extra bedroom for the tony who no longer comes to visit (it's all your fault, man!), hardwood floors, stolen...i mean free...internet, and other wondrous items that i am unable to enumerate at present on account of being tired, crankyish and experiencing a severe bout of left side pain. i might be having a stroke. or some sort of old age disease. either way i think i'll be dying soon. hell, we'll all be dying soon. you know why? the maya say so.

the mayan calendar ends on december 2012, so you and me, baby, have 5 years to finish up any unfinished business between us. five years in which to find a way to dip nathan fillion in chocolate, five years to get that buff bod i've always wanted...or, conversely, five years to drink a lot of good wine and lick chocolate off nathan fillion's bits. all in all, it's gonna be a busy fiver.

i'm thinking of having a end-of-the-world party. you can come but bring something yummy, i'm sick of freeloaders and no way am i spending my last days slaving over a hot stove.



Anonymous said...

Nathan is on desperate housewives

aga, a large slavic woman said...

he may well be, but why ain't he on this desperate housewife? besides, i have all the captain tightpants that i could ever want on my firefly dvds.