24 September, 2007

bleaching the mustache of bitterness

today i fell in love with a kid. she's 12 years old, loves harry potter and lord of the rings (both the films and the books, in both cases), she is cute as a button, smiley, smart, sweet and she gave me a hug at the end of her appointment. i swear, i wanted to cry. this is the kid i'd want as a child of my own. this is the girl i'd hang out with if i was twelve.

after a morning of falling seriously behind and getting bitchier and bitchier by the minute (yeah, i know, so very unusual pour moi), this little girl made my afternoon. funny how sometimes a little sunshine marches into your sullen universe, in the form of a person, a song, a sight...if i believed in angels (and not in that frothy dull religious sense, but as a spark of something beautiful to brighten the day) i'd say i had one in my chair today.

totally not my typical post, right?

fuckety fuck fuck fuck!

that's better.

1 comment:

Anthony said...

For a minute there I thought you had a proxy doing the blogging.

By the by, I really like the new picture.