12 September, 2007

assume the position

1.we're disgusting.

as we were driving back to fort mac from our moving weekend in edmonton, we got a little peckish and mr. m extracted from the back a styro take-out container from dim-sum, containing 3 rice-paper shrimp dumplings and 2 little shrimpcakes. as i took the container from him, a shrimpcake jumped out, flew through the air and landed at my feet. following the trusted 3 second rule, i quickly located the escapee, brushed him off and promptly ate him. what can i say? i likes the shrimpcakes. afterwards, i felt a little off in my tummy, what with all the dirt, paint residue, oil sands drippings and general doggie excretement. but then again that's no different than what you get in your safeway package of ground beef.

at the trip's end, as i was getting out of the vehicle, lo and behold, there's one more escapee at my feet: another shrimp dumpling! mr. m, following the trusted 3 hour rule, grabbed it, brushed it off and ate it. now that's gross.

2. as i drove to edmonton for my emergency painting weekend, i was suffused with a deep sense of well-being. the clouds were stunning, the fields gorgeous, and the music was just right. i drove, singing along, smiling to myself when i realised that if i were to die right that second, nobody would have a clue how happy i died. nobody. which brought me to the realisation that that is the reason human beings invented god - so that someone is always there to understand. except the plan backfired, as far as i can figure, what with god doing a hell of a lot less understanding, and a hell of a lot more judging, smiting and generally punishing for the very human nature he (allegedly) endowed us with.

so, back to no god all over again.

3. driving BACK (yup, that's a lot of driving - we own a little car, so to do our part for global warming we have to do a lot of driving, oh that we had a hummer!) i listened to cbc's tapestry and was wowed by a program on rumi. rumi's poems, if you do not know, are rich, gorgeous and sensual, but also very spiritual. what the two interviewees, both world renowned rumi experts, said about the religious aspect of rumi, was what i wanted to hear: "no religion and all religions," and, my personal favourite,"if you have loved, you are part of the spiritual whole."

of course, this is still picking up bits and pieces to please one's soul, no proof at all, but for those fleeting seconds when we glimpse perfection in the world (as on my drive down), it makes sense to call it something great, unfettered by the stupid boundaries of buildings, codes of worship and correct understanding of dogma.

4. we're going to new orleans! and the armpit of florida! if anyone has any suggestions for either spot (but particularly the armpit), we'd love to hear them. wooohoo!!!


Piotr said...

Hmmmm, I had dim sum yesterday for lunch. I had those shrimp dumplings, they are so good...

aga, a large slavic woman said...

ah, but were they off the floor? don't answer that - they very well might have been, hence the deliciousness!

Anonymous said...

In Nawlins Go to the Jazz Preservation Society hall. Its just of Bourbon and anyone at an info centre can tell you the exact address, or google it. Find out the schedule and take in a set. In the Quarter, the coffee and 'donut' meal at the 'la mode' cafe by the river is unique enough for a stop as is the Hookah bar at the far end of Decatur street is very hip with good veggie appies and TRY the hookah with sweet tabacca. Its a neat legal experience, in a world where the neatest usually aren't. The area east of the quarter is pretty funky too. Check out the cemetaries; there are tours of the best ones and they open for only a few hours each day . Explore.