01 August, 2007

tiny bubbles...oops, excuse me

1. asia, back together, on world tour. yeaaah!

2. i haven't been able to eat much other than fruit lately. i am hungry, i cook something, and i get all blearggh'ed out. which is ok, but am i getting all my body needs from blueberries, yoghurt and protein powder?

3. even though i am generally considered a good cook, i go through phases where everything i make seems barely edible. this is one of those phases. bring on the watermelon!

4. what is it and where do i get one?*

5. i am looking forward to my week in edmonton, where one can go out to an actual restaurant and get an actual meal WITHOUT meat! i know! shocking! what will they think of next?

6. speaking of which, i recently read (in seventeen, no less!) that what i am is a pescatarian. hello, my name is aga and i'm a pescatarian. sure rolls off the tongue easier than lacto-ovo-pesco-vegetarian.

7. oh, and by the way: why is polygamy wrong again? i mean as long as it's consentual, doesn't that simply mean more people who will help with the laundry? if mister monkey found some intelligent hot chick who really liked vacuuming, that'd totally rock! ok, she wouldn't have to be that intelligent. but she would have to vacuum, 'cause i am First Wife, yo!

*just checking if you're awake. well? are ya?

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