25 August, 2007

pharmacon for junkies, panopticon for opticians, and everyone gets to go home happy

today mister monkey and i touched the stanley cup.

i'm not kidding: it was the real thing, and purely accidental.

i picked him up at the fort mcmurray airport and it so happened that a local boy who made it big in the NHL dropped by for a visit, carrying the big silver mug in question.

now i know that you know that my relationship with hockey is, at best, uneven. long periods of not giving a shit, punctuated by brief and passionate outbursts of caring. at this point, i don't give a shit. but still, a legendary bit of hardware* was under my fingertips today and i am a little bit excited. (if tiger woods stood in my line-up at the bank i would be thrilled too, even though i don't give two hoots about golf).

you'll wanna know who this hockey dude was, no? sorry. i have no idea. he seemed friendly, he was surprisingly short and his girlfriend had the prerequisite vapid and pretty look of hockey girlfriends the world over. that's all i can tell you. oh, and mr. m tells me he plays for the ducks, which would explain the stanley, i suppose.

are you excited for me? even a little bit? after all, i have just touched a little piece of canadian history. purely by accident.

*you know what? it was actually kind of pretty. who knew?

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