29 August, 2007

more, cause my brain won't stop

if you ever wonder, as you leave your dental office, whether we talk about you behind your back: yes, we do.

if you are nice and funny and kind and say "please" and "thank you" and brush your teeth, we turn to our co-workers and say, you know so and so? what a nice person. i really liked her. he has a wicked sense of humour. her hygiene is immaculate.

if you have a realistic reenactment of the bubonic plague in your oral cavity, we turn to our co-workers and say, walter h. cronkite! that was one filthy son of a ditch! and we mean it.

also, "whenever i get around to it" is not a valid brushing frequency. got that? the last thing you should have in your mouth before you go to sleep is a toothbrush.*

*ok, ok, oral sex is permissible, but wouldn't you want to at least rinse after?

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