02 August, 2007

life's too short to...

1. wear white socks. (i actually don't think i own a single pair)

2. watch soap operas

3. read poorly written anything (i'm looking at you danielle steele. and aussie natural's [eek] shampoo)

4. eat twinkies

5. work overtime (i'm looking at you, mr. monkey)

6. listen to easy rock

7. vacuum regularly

8. "do" my hair

9. waste time sitting on the computer, writing inane crap...oh wait...well, i would be better off going for walkies, no?

i am pretty excited about getting my new phone which should be arriving today. i will then join the ranks of the cool kids who are all blase, whipping out their sleek phones and, thumbs a-twirlin', messaging their friends like there's no tomorrow.* one day, once i figure out how to work the damn thing, perhaps you too will receive a message from moi reading "LOL u're so funny. let's go out grrlfrnd!" or something like that, all sprinkled with excessive apostrophes and ridiculous abbreviations, all in the name of what? saving time? so look out, here i come! one day soon i might also get an i-pod (or at least white earbuds, their dangling end duct-taped to the empty cigaretter box in my pocket), in a desperate attempt to keep up with the times, yo!

*as in "life's too short," get it? it all comes together, like the wheel of fortune, the circle of life, the puzzle that is our existence.

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