28 August, 2007

in which i fall at your feet and breathlessly beg for forgiveness

has it come to this? that i should use this mighty forum to whine about the weather? fie! for shame! and you! yes, you! you let me! you too are complicit in this. you are enabling me and that is not good.

you, yes you, need to rise up, raise your voice as one, and demand entertainment, not feeble mewling about meteorology.

also, you, yes you, need to come up with some creative swears. then i shall have some meat for my porridge (ha! mixed metaphor of the truly disgusting kind).

i leave you to ponder these words while i consume more peaches and digest the very last of the marble cake. mmmmmmm.....cake.......


Anthony said...

Holy ship! Embrace your friggin' Canadianisms and stop being a female dog in heat.
To be Canadian is to gripe about the weather. If you had been born 50 years ago and come to Canada as the daughter of a Polish farmer rather than when you did as the daughter of a Polish engimeneeer, you would be able to discuss nothing but the weather. That and how the dog shits too close to the house.

aga, a large slavic woman said...

"holy ship," huh? ... i like it.

also, i didn't know engimeneeer had 3 e's in it. you learn somefink new every damn day.