24 August, 2007

in which the camel breathes a small sigh of relief before trudging on

we sold our condo. 3 keys will now leave my gigantic caretaker-sized bunch. granted, that still leaves me with 8 keys and various attached objects but the load will lighten. plus we will be down to one house. no more multi-property ownership and its attendant cares. until we purchase something in lotusland, that is.

lately i have been overwhelmed with the desire to whittle away all the non-essentials from my life. to live in a small cabin and sew my own clothes (you laugh, do ya? well, okay, my mind chuckles too: i sew only in continuous straight lines, just like my knitting, so if i were to make my own clothes i would be wearing a lot of fabric tubing. and very long scarves. which might be ok.) to pare down my shoe collection to a sturdy 2 pairs (still scoffing? well, you might be a little bit more realistic than i am at this point, but then again this is my fantasy and thus by definition can be as unrealistic as i want. in fact, BAM! i just put a shirtless nathan fillion in my small cabin, and damn if he isn't a wizard with the sewing machine, whipping me up a nice bias-cut off the shoulder number from the organic free-range hemp that we wove last night before a soy wax candle-lit dinner of organic non-sulphured chocolate lava cake and organic dolphin-friendly red wine).

but all joking aside (not that i'd EVER joke about something as serious as my nathan fillion obsession), i want a simple house, or perhaps, simply fewer houses/homes/habitations. i want one place, with pots of basil and tomatoes on the deck, some green growing things in the vicinity and the time to learn to make gnocchi from scratch and to bake bread, and do yoga, and breathe without feeling like my heart is about to jump out of my chest. a place where mister monkey and i can cook together. a place where the familia is close by and friends can drop by to be fed.

how we complicate our lives. one wrong turn and you find yourself in the convoluted over- and under-passes of a texas cloverleaf interchange, when all you wanted was a simple country road.

then again, perhaps i would have no idea what i wanted had i not moved around so much and then ended up living here. i shouldn't discount that particular nugget of wisdom. after all, we might still be living in edmonton, in our previous (shitty) house, mr. m working at his hated job, dreaming of bigger and better things. this way, we have been given a kick in the pants in the general direction of what we want. and what we want is something simpler, less chaotic.

by the way, i am still awaiting some creative swearing. get on it!


Piotr said...

I liked your previous, shitty house. Is the new one nicer?

aga, a large slavic woman said...

yes. this one is far nicer. it has actual hardwood flooring, its walls are perpendicular to the floor and its basement is not just a washer/dryer standing on a pool of lumpily-congealed concrete amidst piles of critter-infested dirt. in fact the only dirt is outside. much MUCH smaller yard though. which is good.