23 August, 2007

i'll have a side of psychosis, please

lately i have found myself itemising my thoughts using the letters of the alphabet. i'll say something and illustrate my point as A. blah blah blah, B. yadda yadda yadda, and finally C. wah wah wah. it's started to annoy me as soon as i noticed i was doing it. after all, what am i proving here? beyond my expert knowledge of the first three letters of the alphabet, that is?

also, i've been biting my nails again, after years and years of not. it chips my dainty teeth that have become nearly see-through with all the grinding i've been putting them through. oh yeah, and then there's the heart palpitations that come just as i lie down to sleep. and i see a hip replacement somewhere in the not too distant future.

shit, perhaps i'll just invest in one of those old people scooters right now, and get it over with.

will you still be my friend? i'll give you a ride on my scooter!

1 comment:

Anthony said...

I'll still be your friend but I won't walk near you when you ride your scooter, rattle your walker, or slurp your strained peas. I'm just too cool for that.