27 August, 2007

blood on the outside, cake on the inside: a good day

worst. august. ever.

has anyone else ever seen an august with not a single day above 20C? at this point i am wishing for a little global warming. it's been feeling like october and i am sick of it. i certainly hope we at least get a little indian summer (native american summer? aboriginal summer? what the hell's the p.c. term these days?). mister monkey snorts and says this is typical alberta but i beg to differ. every bloody august in my memory has been chock full of damn good weather. including the one a decade ago when it snowed during the fringe: because it snowed after 3 weeks of a solid heatwave.

ok. b.c. is starting to look better and better. except that i think kelowna got a dump of snow in june and that just ain't right.

the environmental wisemen (and women) claim that the prairies will be least affected by the climate change. aha. is that why we have been getting vancouver weather for the past 4 weeks, minus the accompanying vancouver benefits, of the cultural-topographical-socio-political variety?

weh. i am tired of all this blather. i shall go, shower off the blood and gore, eat large quantities of juicy in-season peaches, digest the vast amounts of marble cake i hoovered at work today, and wait for the man to return from his day in the greasy trenches.

toodles, young'uns.

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