31 July, 2007

peeing in the boys' room

i just had a two day weekend and i have to say that i don't, for the life of me, get how you people do it. a two. day. weekend. it was pathetic. it was here and then it was gone, faster than a lindsay lohan rehab stint. as much as i despise mr. m's work schedule, the 4 day weekend does have the advantage of actually being visible to the naked eye.

i'm not rubbing it in or anything (as you'd know, if you were living in this cultural and culinary wasteland of brainless overconsumption) but now that every second of my weekends will be quote unquote normal (imagine me waving my fingies in the air, ok?), i have a newfound appreciation for the life i have been living before moving here, and the life i aim to be living in vancouver soon. it will be a life of the 4-day workweek, the leisurely latte, the regular yoga class, the wine and sunset on english bay, the life, in other words, of actual living. how novel.

and hey, on a happy note - folk fest is coming up and i am the hostess with the mostest again (actually this is less happy making and more stress inducing due to my tendency to prepare 16 dips, 4 salads and a 12 cheese platter for my guests, a tendency i have been fighting in the last few years - however a total and complete lack of an actual kitchen will be a good excuse to put out a few bowls of chips and a watermelon, so i hope y'all forgive me). it does seem that we tend to buy houses that are close to the folk fest, and such are the consequences.*

i will be in edmonton until after the 13th, so it is unlikely i will be writing much. or at all, for that matter. in the meantime, stay out of the path of tornadoes, keep cool, and i'll yodel at you shortly.

*to all my guests-to-be: please don't take this as anything other than my typical panic-induced hyperventilating pre-party mode. i do want you there. i really really do. i just sometimes forget. and hopefully being without a kitchen and actually focusing on you instead of the quality of the homemade hummous will be a good thing.

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