28 July, 2007

fairy snotter and the chamber pot secrets

my first non-working weekend here in the northern wilds of oil country and i am sitting at the computer, unwashed, swollen-eyed (see previous post), unwilling to even contemplate doing yoga or going for a walk, because really, what's the point? bjork is singing her icelandic little heart out, i am sipping my morning protein laden berry beverage, and thinking about life. ok, i'm not actually thinking about life, just sort of lumpily looking at the screen. hi.

i am experiencing the same feeling i got after the last extended version of lord of the rings came out: now what? what do i have to look forward to now? oh sure, you say, you can re-read the deathly hallows. you can re-read the whole harry potter series! you can re-watch the lord of the rings movies too, but it just isn't the same as the first time (and no, i don't mean awkward and slightly painful, i mean thrilling and new).

i think i am going to dig deep in my library bag and take some barbara gowdy to get me over this slump. and if that doesn't work, i'll fall back on clive barker for some first class escapism.

all of this, though, seems like munching on a rice cake when what you really want is a big slice of triple fudge sour cream cake with nutella icing. but whatever. i'll live.

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