19 June, 2007

one goshdarn disclaimer, one proclamation of love and one recipe

ok, i know and respect and even really really like a lot, some people who do say "oh my gosh" on a regular basis but, in the spirit of 'love the sinner, hate the sin', i hold my anti-gosh position. i am sure many people like me and respect me but wish i'd stop saying "fuck" all the time.

oh, and also, i looooove leonard cohen. off topic, but so very true.

and here's a culinary tip:

saute some sliced mushrooms until they are golden, add a dash of soy sauce, a dash of balsamic vinegar and reduce, toss some mixed greens with a nice garlicky vinaigrette, dump the mushrooms on top of that, and top with slices of chevre. yum. honestly, what with the cold and hot, the crunchy and the chewy and the melty, what with the sweet, salty and cheesy. yum.

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