15 May, 2007

the zen of concrete mixing

this weekend past we did our usual reno slave labour, with the added bonus of finally being able to see the whole of our purchase. yes, ladies and gentlemen, the old owner is now officially gone, and we can go upstairs with impunity.

i admit i was a little scared of what we would find but what we found was pretty much what i expected: a kitchen and bathroom in need of a face lift, and a gorgeous open dining-living room space which will mesh marvellously with our candlelit wine and cheese socializing. there was even a bonus of finding hardwood under the blue plush carpet in the bedrooms.

good god, i ask myself, who puts blue plush carpet anywhere? i've never been a carpet fan but having now lugged several large and smelly rolls of the stuff into the increasingly scary pile in the back of the house, i can honestly say it is the most disgusting thing one can put on one's floor. dog hair? yup, plenty'o. human skin? yessir! soggy mystery patches? ditto! unidentified bacteria-laden toxic-chemical releasing smell? you betcha! and now, on top of it all, these babies will be festering in the landfill for millenia to come. in other words, good all around.

but yay, we do have hardwood all over. now we pay some dude to come and strip off the old crap, fill in the gaps and varnish it all up. now i'll be able to spill all the red wine that i want! woohoo. not to mention the joy of, for once, actually paying someone else to do work for us.

in other news, i mixed cement on saturday. large quantities of cement. bags and bags of it. and you know what? it was backbreaking, blister-inducing labour, and i loved it. at one point during the endless stirring i found myself in a state i have only rarely achieved during yoga - that quiet awareness of the moment, the receding of all other thoughts and concerns from the mind, a focus of energy and thought and a sense of just plain being. very mystical, i know, for mixing concrete, but there you have it.

apparently i have missed my calling - i should be in construction. other than a perfectly horrible friday during which you could have put a gun to my head and still failed to get me to work, i am really enjoying this renovation thing. sure i bitch about it, sure i resent how much time it's taking, but we have fun. half the time i go from swearing to laughing in 32 seconds. and, i must add, watching your man be really truly good at electrical AND construction AND plumbing is pretty damn sexy.

if i had my camera here i'd post some pics of the lovely living room but, have no fear, you too will soon be drinking wine there!


Anthony said...

Could your moment of spiritual enlightenment have been fumes from lime? Mixing cement often has that effect on people.

aga, a large slavic woman said...

i did wear a mask, so perhaps it was truly spiritual and not physical. hey, some get their soul-jollies in church, me? i stir concrete.