08 May, 2007

shitloads of tiny little furry horses (oh, and llamas too)

i spent last weekend attending a dental hygiene convention, and whatever you imagine that might possibly be like, it is worse. yes, there are many many hot women but most of those hot women think that their profession is Very Important. and Highly Interesting. also, that it is important to Educate Oneself. and while i somewhat hold with the latter, the two former concepts give me a tiny little bit of gas on the spot. pfrrrt!

and speaking of asses (obliquely as it were), mine sure was sore after hours (and hours) (and then some more hours) of sitting in a hotel listening to several marginally passable speakers, many downright boring speakers and only one or two genuinely interesting speakers.

but hey, breakfast AND lunch was provided, and, on the last day, ice cream! woohoo! ok, i admit, i do like fudgesicles, but at that point a chilly suppository might have been more appropriate to take the hemorrhoidal inflammation down a bit. i was sorely tempted to drop my drawers and deposit my aching butt in the ice bowl. i tell ya, those were some damn uncomfortable chairs!

on saturday my cousin & co. came over and wine was consumed and world problems solved, as we all teetered on the edge of consciousness. but we decided we are big boys and girls and no amount of exhaustion, physical (theirs) or mental (mine) would prevent a good old drunken evening.

sunday morn i was fed asparagus crepes in bechamel sauce and then had mugshots done by the lovely g. one day, if i'm a bad girl, and mr. m is a good boy, we'll do a full nekkid spread. or not. but i can use this to get his cooperation in life, no?

that's it, that's all. i was very very busy, i continue to be so. i ignore messages because i am a jerk (sorry jools!) but i vow to change.

more to come with varying regularity (or unvarying irregularity).

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