17 May, 2007

it was a dark and stormy knight

what do i like?

i like foam soap.
i like license plates that spell goofy or indecent words.
i like strawberry tomatoes which, i suspect, are pumped full of crack cocaine because i like them THAT MUCH.
i like people who are passionate about food.
i like the patchwork filling on my crown that means i no longer carry in between my lower left molars enough food to feed a small african nation for a year.
i like salman rushdie.
i like my fake crocs because they are loud, obnoxious, smurf-blue and insanely comfortable, all at the bargain price of $ 6.98(canadian).
i like earl grey tea which, like the strawberry tomatoes, is also suspiciously addictive.
i like my mother-in-law's homemade cottage cheese.
i like the small shiny new green leaves that even here, in fort mac, are making an appearance.
i like living next door to beavers and trees and possible bears and deer and a river valley that makes you forget all the oil money and earth rape going on in the vicinity.
i like reusable grocery bags.
i like remembering what the hell i was supposed to be writing about when i signed in to blogger (this ain't it).
i like small children in small highly controlled quantities.
i like curry.
i like my dog-in-law, bean, as long as he keeps the droolage to a minimum.
i like my aunt and uncle's garden.
i like the cut glass antique doorknobs on all the doors of our new house.
i like my job.
i like you, as long as you keep the droolage to a minimum.


Anthony said...

So please share with us what you are supposed to be writing and then write plenty of it.

aga, a large slavic woman said...

yeah...therein lies the problem. no remembero!