29 May, 2007

exeunt omnes (except the funny looking guy)

we got back from a week in sunny, warm, green, environmentally conscious, culturally saturated, culinarily interesting, aromatic, vegetarian-friendly, beach infested, slightly fishy vancouver.

all the work i have been doing to make my returns to fort mac painless has been undone - i am miserable. i want to go back. i want to feast on vegetarian chicken titties from choices market. i want to get sand in my sandals. i want to watch mister monkey scrub slug goo from his hands. i want to breathe in air so green it sings. i want to whale watch. i want to walk down denman and drool at cupcakes. i want to pig out on lemon curd shortbread tarts from capers. i want to drink illegal wine on english bay. i want to live in a civilised place, goddamn it. luckily, mister monkey wants all of the above (with the notable exception of the slug).

fort mac, you suck. not just that. you suck the proverbial big fat syphillitic one. and you ain't got no kleenex.

want some pics? cause i can oblige. really and truly. those on my mailing list will be getting a poop-load of some happy happy pictures of green and growing things. and boats. and me and a dog. and other stuff. wait for it.


Anthony said...

Bring 'em on. (the pictures that is, not the chicken titties)

Piotr said...

me too.

Piotr said...

btw, I am in town for the wedding on the 29th, so I heard something from Mr. M. about a partee that friday, I can swing by on the way from the airport.