16 May, 2007

bring on the sugar free jello and damn the consequences

i am currently sitting in my fort mac living room (as opposed to my downtown edmonton living room, or my off-whyte living room, boy what a glutton for real estate i am!) in my undies, my mouth still frozen from recent dental work, spooning strawberry jello into my lopsided gullet, thinking of vancouver.

why am i thinking of vancouver, you ask? well, this tuesday at 10:30 a.m. we will be landing in lotusland, ready for exciting adventures in extreme vegetarianism, sunset watching, wine drinking, socializing and general dampness. can't wait. we used to go to van every may on a spring hunting expedition and since we spent the last spring in niagara falls (speaking of dampness - blerrch!) we have missed our usual little getaway.

expect pictures.

and now i must run off to shower the bloody remains of other people's gums out of my hair.

oh what a joy it is to be moi, no?

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