17 April, 2007

meep meep meep

this weekend was an orgy of renovation. mister monkey continued his cerebral pursuits of wiring, design and architecture, while i continued in the age-old path of slack-jawed physical labour. i huffed. i puffed. i would like to say that i took on the floor and won, but the truth was otherwise. after hours and hours of scraping with sharp objects ranging from the appropriate to the wildly inventive to the patently useless, i managed to get paint off roughly a square foot of concrete. poly-strippa did not help at all unless one counts the fumes as a sort of alternative consciousness enabling tool, which might have made the colours a wee bit brighter and the shapes a wee bit more fluid, but it did little to actually remove paint, its apparent raison d'etre.

still, walls were painted, electrical circuits strung up, plug-ins wired in, brakers installed, walls framed, putty puttied and consequently sanded, floors swept, and wood nailed, screwed and sawed, not necessarily in that order.

two weekends down, many more to go. aaah, the innocent us of yesterday, thinking this would take a few weeks, no more. ha, i say. HA!

also, the basement sink is leaking. and the eavestroughs (now there's a word with a typically anglosaxon excess of letters, eh?) are filled with leaves. and the yard is filled with dog poop.

at least we have a hope that the last item will be taken care of by someone other than us.

still, we like this house. it has a good feel to it. in fact we might actually move into it. of course we haven't seen the unpstairs since the actual day we first (and last) saw it and it, too, might have some surprises in store for us. still, this might be our home. and you might be invited for wine.

by the way: we are renting out our one bedroom condo in downtown edmonton and a two bedroom basement suite off whyte. pass it on. someone might be interested. $ and timing is still under discussion.

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