11 April, 2007

the march of angry parrots

1. so they closed down our favourite vegetarian restaurant in vancouver. this is what happens when you relax your vigilance even for a nano-second and go off traipsing into other parts of the continent. bastards!

2. also, it is snowing. high of plus 4, snow coming down - hey! mama nature! you're messed up! just thought i'd mention it. of course it could be that the woman's high on whatever we've been pumping into the atmosphere for the last hundred years or so and her judgment is a little clouded.

3. off to the city today to work on the new house which, to those of you surprised by the development, i have been mentioning in this blog since november. pay attention! you will be tested on this knowledge. or maybe not.

4. i put on mascara to work for the first time today. let them bask in my overwhelming beauty. maybe they can handle it.

5. why barney? well. big and purple ought to do it. though the "i love you, you love me" song is pretty dang appropriate!

6. life in the fast lane, baby! nonsense and a glass of wine! yip yip yippeeee!


Piotr said...

Is it a big house?

aga, a large slavic woman said...

just under 1000 sguare feet (square feet - wouldn't it be difficult to buy shoes? square shoes?). tiny little garden, but great location - right next door to the treestone bakery.