23 April, 2007

it's not me, it's the gorgonzola

hi. remember me? the paranoid hung-over swirly-eyed bundle of quivering insecurities? good news! actually several good newses!

good news #1: the world, apparently, does not revolve around me. i know, i know, it is a very strange concept to grasp, but it is true.

good news #2: i did not insult anyone. i did not break anything. i did not make out with anyone, although i did touch one breast, but i had a very good reason and mr. m knows all about it, so no blackmail for you, ha!

good news #3: i left at 1am, pished. the party went on till 4am, and everyone got even more pished. some people have no recollection of getting home, and to that i haughtily say: drunken losers! and all of this translates to few people having recollection of anything offensive i might have said, because everyone was far too busy getting pished and being offensive all on their own. which kinda brings us back around to good news #1.

good news #4: although i dislike my party persona, i have to say i make a damn good hygienist and people like me. so oddly enough, i find a little bit of security and self-respect in the one area of my life that really does not reflect who i am all that much. but whatever, i'll take good feelings wherever i can get them.*

bad news: i felt so crappy on sunday that the only thing which could lift me out of my abyss of nausea and weltschmerz (damn, i just like that word so much) was mcdonald's. i had a filet'o fish, large fries and a small strawberry milkshake. and then for supper i had curried coconut lentil soup to bring me back to my culinarily sane self. but still: mcdonald's! feh!

*as a crazy friend once remarked (and you know who you are), i don't care who diddles me as long as they are good at it.

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Anonymous said...

hey! don't slag mcdonalds! -- jools